Desolate Return

Yelling at a closed door

Feeling full of grudge and war

Eyes brimming with pearl shaped tears

Differing views are full of fears.


Sometimes things are somewhat good

When we're made of brick and wood

But when we loosen seals so tight

The tear ducts open, we are a fight.


As I try to open eyes so shut

It always seems I'm just the stray mutt

Never understood, compatible to none

It appears my side can never be won.


Through all defenses, fights, and gore

There is no end, there's always more

When all I feel is shame for words

There is no cure, all's been overheard.


Sitting down to just eat our lunch

No room to breathe, or pack a punch

The thin air seems close to me

But she's so far, it's done, you'll see.



When all I hear is silence

And all I hear is stoic cold

And all I touch is nothing


I know...


There's no way back to the good and old. 


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