Desert Oasis

If I were to have
my very own genie
to grant me three wishes,
as in the tales of old
I would ask for but one-
let not this new found bliss
come to an end,
although it is said
all good things must.

And even as I bask,
in my enchanted oasis
dark clouds loom
on the horizon.
Unpleasantries, complications
( those things that must be dealt with.)
taint what joy
I have gleaned
while caught in a whirlwind.
Yet I have my solace
and guide,
midst lashing grains of sand
my desert star shines brightly.

And so, I grasp what positive
drifts my way
salvage what I can,
this " shipwreck" just another
of a bizarre life.

But I do not complain
only ponder the future
and hope to play
my cards
While sometimes I think
of Shakespeare's tangled web
am I spider or prey?

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