Depression Metaphor


As this sea tosses restless, the same does my soul.
Where is my Salvation? What can make me whole?
These questions left unanswered as the water engulfs all.
And while I beg for mercy, what will stop my fall?

Will it be the saving hand of someone I hold close?
Or maybe a beast of the depths that people fear the most.
Will it be the spirit of God? I just don't think He cares...
I contemplate this as I sink in an ocean of despair.

Despair pulls life from my body. I take a shallow breath.
I think about the decisions that got me in this mess.
All the years I wasted attempting to live the perfect lie.
Doing my best to cover up failures. Can't let them see me cry.

The friends and loved ones I did wrong, the talents I put to waste.
Everything gone up in smoke, trying to run a impossible race.
I heave a sigh and let it go. I release the grudge I held.
I find that the only person I have left to forgive is myself.


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