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My heart is heavy
My face is damp with tears
My voice screamed raw; threatening not to heal
I long to fly, run away from all the misery and twinge
So I take up the knife and though it escapes this everlasting pain
That appears in the nightmare, unbearable shame
The heat of the blood pacifies my grief
I smirk and I weep, even though my feelings are not that deep
I stare in into the day, I’m losing my mind
I try to look forward; afraid to glance behind
I’m an emotionless creature do you see why
For if you were in my place you’d not reply
You’d break down
You’d cry
But before all of this; your soul will die

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MVP-Most Valuable Poet

never let anyone break your spirit

you are someone important

depression is a concern that affects lives all over the world

let your voice be heard, get all the support needed

great poem

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