that, is depression


depression is something
so many must deal with
must try to control

you don't lose control
and become depressed
you become depressed
and try not to lose control.

if you stand on that edge
of a high up cliff
to a pit of black
at a bottom you can't see

one foot dangling over
one foot planted on the cliff
one gust of wind
one little blow
can push you back over

that is depression.

holding your hand over a flame
you know it's there
you feel the burning
but you try to fight through
to pull your hand away
to stop the searing in your mind

that is depression.

swimming in the ocean
with slices of flesh
gone from your body
the salt stinging all the time
barely a head above water
a wave pulling you under
when you least expect it

that is depression.

pulling yourself back
from the cliff's edge
snatching your hand away
from the torrid flame
propelling yourself to shore
from the deluge of water

that is taking back control.


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