Another night.

"Get ready." he commands as we speed through the night.

A stripe of red in the night.


No one knows what we do for them.

Silent protectors of the night.

"For what? This is kiddy stuff." I reply.

This is nothing new simply habit now.

Clip on the knife, reload the gun, breath always remember to breath.

Will we make it home?

What if we don't?

What will they tell our families?

"We don't exist." He reminds me.

He is right and he knows what I'm thinking.

Right now we don't exist.

If we die they will find some innocent to blame.

"I know Mr. Echo."

He smiles at me from the drivers seat.

"You might want to hold on to something." He recommends.

I look out the window.

We had arrived.

The car twisted to a halt.

Familiar adrenaline rush.

Familiar hair rising on the back of my neck.

Warning me they were close.

It was time to fight.

"Ladies first." He smiles and reaches across me to open my door. 

Familiar sent washed over me.

My body reacts.

Now is not the time for distraction.


"I feel like that rule doesn't work here." I reply stepping out.

The air is cold but clean easy to breathe.

I look into the dark and wonder if it is looking back.

The greenness of the tall grace contrasts the night sky.

"Rule always applies darling." The word darling sounded so wicked with the thick Irish lith.

I smile.

I live for these moments.

I live for these fights.

"Lets move baby we haven't got all night." I walk backwards into the Field looking at him

He has the best eyes.

All the shades of green twisted together.

And his dark hair fell around them in an almost mystic way.

Standing out against his tan skin.

"Yeah yeah." He follows.

He always comes with me.

Knowing the danger.

Knowing I wouldn't blame him for staying.

He always comes with me.

I turn to watch my steps.

I was getting closer.

I could feel it in my blood.

I hear a movement in the grass.

We were there at last.

"Come on beasty." I whisper to the air.

A shadow rushes at me.

Fast, they are always fast.

I twist out of the path of the beast.

The shadow-beast pauses to turn and look at us both.

We size each other up.

I draw my gun and aim.

Hit them while they are still thinking.

I feel something push me back.

I fly for a moment and then crash into the ground.

It is always so hard.

I try and shake my head clear.


Where did it land?

Claws gripped me.


I stare at the beast holding me up.

All blackness but the eyes glowed perfectly white.

Crushing me around my middle.

Digging into my skin.

I feel my blood flowing from the cuts.


The sharp sound gives me release.


God it hurts but I have to.


Again he has saved me in the nick of time

I push myself up.


Why am I always bleeding?

I pull out my knife and get back into the fight.

The beast had left me for him.

He moved with grace ducking out of the monsters reach.

I throw my knife and watch it fly into the creatures eye.

It freezes, solid.

It like all the other turns to dust.

I look at him.

He is bleeding too.

I feel my head spinning.

I had bled to much.

I hit the ground.

God that hurt every time.

I feel my darkness coming out.

I fade away and let it work.

Let it heal me.

He was holding me.

I knew he was.

This was nothing new to him.

Habit by now.

Carrying me to the car.

Streaking through the night.

Taking me to his home.

Stitching me up.

I wake with an arm wrapped around me.

I hurt everywhere but my senses are high.

I look toward him.

"You must really like getting torn up." He says.

"Only because you stitch me up."  I mutter back.

He laughs.

He doesn't understand.

To him those night where we let the world save itself.

They are over.

To me they are always close by.

I want him to hold me again.

To kiss me.

I look at his eyes and wonder if he feels the same.

"You need to stop getting hurt. I can't live with out you darling."

I smirk and reach up to toy with his hair.

It needed cut but I liked it this way.

"Yes you can. You are stronger then me... I have lost enough people to this war. I would simply be your beginning. " I said.

I looked at him and his eyes looked back.

He moved his face closer to mine.

Hovering there.

Trying to read me.

He was good at reading me.

He knew my soul and I knew his.

His lips to mine I wonder if this will matter when we wake up tomorrow.

I love him.

He is the demon I will keep.

The rest can go to hell.


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