Definition of Love


United States
41° 56' 45.8304" N, 76° 59' 14.4528" W

If I could profess my love to you
If these dreams of mine could just be true
You think I’d find some peace of mind
beyond wandering around blind
by all the colors of emotions
that stretch on like the deepest oceans.
Such wondrous things I see
beneath the waters of our sea.
These fishes represent
the words of our testament.
Oh Love, such love as this
is sickening. And others’ bliss
does not compare to what we own
this feeling, this goes deep as bone.
And as much as I wish to deny—
for I don’t know about you—but I
fear this sinking, exhilarating rush
that overwhelms to crush
all the future that we ever thought to have.
It’s like a stab
to the chest, oh, you’ve asked me
and I’ll say yes, for you see
that is my definition of love.


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