Definition of Beauty

Stand up straight, suck your stomach in

Make sure to wear makeup

Make sure you have clear skin.

Keep your eyes forward, keep your head held high

No one can know you lay awake at night and cry.


Make sure people see you as the best,

Might not be the real you, as you could have guessed.

Teens look up to you, you’re the role model for them all,

So lose twelve pounds, let’s turn you into a doll.


This is what beauty looks like, kids, follow along,

Oh, but the media couldn’t be more wrong.

Beauty isn’t defined by your looks or size,

But by the stories that are hidden behind your eyes.


Every person is beautiful in their own way

Try not to listen to what the media has to say.

Be your own person, don’t be afraid to express,

Always remember: Don’t doubt yourself, don’t second guess.

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