powerful.imani verse:

I tell myself to relax to take a deep breath, look at the bright side ,to relax my stress but yesterday I had enough. I wanted to give up and just shut down all communication to everyone. First my friend wanna die she said nobody cares for her, but when everyone left her side I stayed I kept fighting when I saw her so call friends give up. I was willing to do anything for her exactly how she did for me. Then my boyfriend Oh lord. Tbh I'm so attached to.him makes me realize I don't need him. I told him what was going on he didn't reply then he gonna read the message and not reply but.. I get so MAD I'M ALWAYS THERE FOR ANYONE IN NEED I NEVER LEFT
THERE SIDE BUT I SAW LOTS OF PEOPLE LEAVE ME.I bet if I asked all my friends to name one time I wasn't there they couldn't say nothing. But if they asked me that question I would name a whole damn list.. I get so frustrating so annoyed and so sick of it. To the fact if I wasn't there for them once all hell would break lose. But they see it so much bigger then I do. Oh Imani I'm sorry because I was busy. I don't want to hear busy because I'm ALWAYS busy but some how I make time for you. And ANYONE else. But you make time for what you want. But I been so much calmer that I relax more instead of go off like I really want to. Because the ghetto Imani she has been locked up and she would love to go out but I just smile and say it's OK Imani. And I rather hold it in then tell anyone because instead of hearing my voice make me feel like I'm overly dramatic. Imani I can't ALWAYS be there I have a life to, or Imani I'm sorry. All those little things. I just say OK. Because you ain't worth it. I bet my boyfriend gonna come out the blue and I try to keep the mean Imani locked up because I been so nice that my voice don't get heard but as soon as I get ghetto everyone feelings get hurt Just like minds. I take everything like a bullet and I live another day. But I'm so sick of people pushing me to the side. And I be wanted to give up on friendship, relationship everything because no point. You see why I hold everything in because I'm just waiting for you to leave just like the other people who said they wouldn't.. so why should I be nice when the silence of my screams you look pass.
MVP-Most Valuable Poet's Verse:
there is a rage within each of us
so why would you bring out the worst in me
what have i done to deserve this
i've always been a friend to you
friendship is never an option
it's not a choice whether you feel like being my friend
true friendship is not locked deep in a basement where you dust off dirt and use it when it's your convenience
friendship is an open diary where we share our most intimate thoughts and moments that i will never even tell my parents
and what do you do
not be by my side, why
because you too busy to pick up the phone and say hi
you're too busy to hang out with me because you're busy
but you expect me to stop what i'm doing
and run to you because i'm only good for what i'm good for
this is very disingenuous
you are wearing a mask that covers layers of deception and selfishness
you only care about you and not everyone else, ESPECIALLY ME
so why treat me like a piece of trash
where you recycle my feelings in cleaning up your filthy mess
that's not the way i roll
i was there for you when nobody else did
and then you decide to die before your time
my heart bleeds with sorrow withering with pain
where i don't want to be cold as ice
my other friends who claim to be my peoples are nothing more than loose change
where i can hold on for as long as i could
but at the end of the day
i'm going to insert my coins to a vending machine
and buy a bottle of water where my quench for thirst is more fulfilling
then be around people who make me feel alone
i don't deserve this
i'm going to take my scissors and cut you not only in half
but out of my life
FOR GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Thanks MVP you really have such a impact in my life so happy to be able to write with someone like you .

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

it's an honor

i'm humble

lets continue to inspire


Yesss so excited 

Mafi Grey

Amazing, that's all I got to say


speechless so happy you enjoyed it! Maybe we can work together on a poem .

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