Declaration of Oppression

I hold these truths to be self evident, though many people cannot see
we were all created equal from sea to shining sea
I have been endowed and cannot be denied
my certain, god given, inalienable rights.
There's no way to take away from me
my happiness, my life, and my liberty
That's the purpose of my government, and why it was created
to make sure no one's rights are understated.
My right to live, my right to love
who told you it was time to play God?
Now is the time for new hearts and open minds
Now is the time to stand against these heinous crimes
Our civil rights have to be protected!
And not for just the luckily selected
for every face and every heart beat
all offenders better just take a seat
step back and realize this revolution that's a comin'
call the buggle and get a drummin
This is my time for the freedoms of all,
no matter how big, no matter how small
race, gender, sex and expression
listen closely to the wrongs of oppression

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