December 14, 2012

Sat, 05/11/2013 - 20:44 -- fainea

Friday December 14 before the attendance sheets could be magneted to the outside of the door. It pulls up. That rabid dog that snapped its steel chain. That disease no parent wants to fathom and no parent thought about this morning when they put on those size 11 shoes and brushed beautiful locks. When they made cereal and kissed them on the cheek how did they know this would be the most precious.

They are only kindergarteners not old enough to know evil or to wrap their little minds around it.
Their innocence splattered on the walls like hells paint! Tiny screams and terror upon untied shoes laces and closed eyes so they couldn’t see who just killed their childhood friend who could have grown up to be the best man in their wedding, but what wedding, they were murdered.
Murdered. By a man. An animal. A sorry excuse for a human being. His mother was the silent unintentional accomplice. From the day he was born, her womb hostile and ripped like that wombs of the children’s’ mothers who can’t get their hands on him!
So now parents lay in bed weeping and not sleeping, remembering the day they brought their baby home never knowing they would only have 5 years with their baby.


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