The Death of Robert Von Matterhorn


Speaking of the Ultimate Taboos

The stories behind the tattoos

A man with no other desires

To kill the man they call "shire"

The hate that fuels the fire

Robert Von Matterhorn swore revenge

The Death of his brother, he will avenge

The fear that this man brings, everybody knows

His fallen loved ones, follow everywhere he goes

All the scars have been healed and woven

By the unconditional love that's in his women

She loves him so much

Just by the feel of his touch

"I dont want to lose you, Robert" she cries

And she says without any lies

So he lets her know

"Would you let me go?"

He kisses her like the first day they met

Tells her "I Love You" as he rides away into the sunset

This is the last time he will see the day

For him, there's just no other way

A man driven with complete hate and anger

Knowing his destination is full of danger

Ready to dance with the devil, where he will take his last breath

Arriving at the doors, where he will finally meet death

Hell is unleashed, with no damns given

Shots are fired, a nightmare where you don't want to live in

Immediate response, taking cover behind a bin

He shoots his targets, bullets for heads to sleep in

Drunk with anger, like the son of the great god, Percy

He kills his victims, and leaves with no mercy

Staring at the "Stairway to Heaven", up there up about

He knows that this will be, a man's way out

All of his life, waiting for this moment, alone

"And when we walk away, there'll be no comin home"

The saying that his brother would always tell

This is the night, he will hear his knell

Busting in the doors, with an adrenaline rush

Finding the man who put his soul to crush

Both men stare, eye to eye

It is time for someone to die

Two shots are fired, coming from each man

The bullets come "In the Flesh", a forceful command

One man is strong and tall

As the other collapses and falls

The war is over, what's done is done

Robert Von Matterhorn, can finally drop his gun

Badly wounded, he walks outside

Bleeding to death, but still has his pride

He takes his last breath, and looks up at the sky

A tear comes out of his tired eyes

As he falls to his knees, and finally dies

The love of his life cries as he looks down from among

It is true what they say " Only the good die young"

The Legend of his life is told as his loved one mourns

This is... The Death.. of Robert Von Matterhorn


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