Death Can Be a Friend at Times


The wind blows, the leaves fall, but time still seems to stop

You close your eyes, and pray to God, that your heart doesn’t pop

You feel the bench below you; you see the grass and trees,

But none of it seems real to you – it has to be a dream.

You black out all the noises, hoping to fade away

So everyone ignores you, leaving you with dismay.


No one seems to notice, no one seems to care,

The pain inside that’s killing you brings you to despair.

‘It’s no one’s fault but yours’ you think, ‘they’re blameless – unknowing.’

Oh of course -- how could they, with all the smiles you’ve been showing.


Your laughter and high spirits, your joy and felicity –

All deceitful lies to those you love – what duplicity!

It’s a mask you see – a cover-up, unluckily it’s true

You made it as a disguise, so no one unveils the real you.


Why won’t anyone help you, why can’t they pause and see

That you’re so lost in this big world, astray in suffering…

Some make the effort, others pass you by

To help you or advise you – those who hear your cries


But I can see the truth my dear, and I can tell you this:

That friends and family aren’t enough, there’re things they surely miss.

I wish that I could show them, the stains under your eyes,

Or the sleepless nights you’ve had that they fail to descry.


I’m sorry child, there’s not much more that I can do

But simply listen, and be a friend, at times for you.

I know you’ve tried to meet me once; I gave you one more chance

To live your life abundantly – to love, and laugh, and dance

Or do whatever humans do, just please be bliss and believe

That this life will get better – live longer and you’ll see.

Don’t worry friend, we’ll meet again, but at a later time

With gray hair and wrinkles, you’ll be smiling at the finish line.


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