Sitting in the chair

Feeling like I’m gonna slip into unconscious

Wondering when the abuse will stop

New day brings more pain and new bruises

No one to hear me scream or my cries for help

Being sexually abused by my mother’s boyfriend

She doesn’t believe me.

She doesn’t care.

Being told that I should be dead

Wishing they would kill me already

Walking into my bathroom after he raped me yet again

Taking a shower to get the feeling of him off me

Walking into my closet size room

Picking out my best dress, letting my hair air dry

Walking back into my bathroom

Taking 10 random pills

Walking into the living room

Sitting on my father’s favorite chair

Getting dizzy and sleepy at the same time

Seeing the bright light

Letting it overcome me.


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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