The pain of death never goes away

it stays and rots and sings all day

because it cannot do anything but stay

until it lets itself be felt by anyone in its way


It demands to be felt by the trees

By people that have fallen to their knees

By those who cannot get up

By wilted roses and tulip cups

and no one can get away

because the pain of death is here to stay


the trees sing in sorrow

the rabbit stays in its burrow

and the pain of death sings

even with the sound of bells and wedding rings

because it can be masked by happiness

but it cannot be taken away by sappiness


It makes you cry with the mention of the past

and that will always last

because someone was lost

at such a high cost

of a hole in your heart

that can only come apart


if you sit and think staring at the mirror

and your own reflection,

is it getting clearer?

can you see your complexion?

or is it blurred by the past?

by those you have lost?

because you happened to outlast

those who are now lying under the frost


This poem is about: 
My family


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