Dear Time

Dear Time, 

Please stop,

Let me catch my breath

It seems that we just started this year,

And have gone on to the next,

Everyone is growing up,

I know that I am too,

I heard that's a part of life and now I see it's true. 

Dear Life,

Slow down,

You're going way too fast,

 I need to look at my future

But I'm caught up in my past.

I think a hurricane swept through,

And took everything away,

Because as soon as I get used to something

It all decides to change.

Dear Self,

Enjoy life, don't be in a hurry.

Everything will come together,

And you don't need to worry.

The years are like grains of sand,

They'll slip so quick, 

Right through your hand,

But there is no way to stop them. 

It's halfway through my high school career 

And people say my life's just started,

Though it feels like only yesterday,

I was half way through kindergarden.

Now I'm looking for a college,

I'm planning out my life,

I'm deciding what I want to do 

Because I want to do it right. 

Dear Future,

I see myself, growing up,

Traveling the world, 

Off to different countries, 

I'm not scared anymore.

I see my life is changing

And I watch some other moments fade,

I can't stay young forever,

I have to live someday.  




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