Dear Stoneman

Hey stranger, long time no see. I hope you still reconize me.

I've been doing well..

I know.. I forgot to call but i have big things happening. Its up hill from here. I've been thinking about that time you took me to the shooting range. When you would take me to get donuts before school. I try to block them from my memory. What happened to you, to make you shut off emotion. You use to tell me you love me, but never showed it. Lecured me about the way of the world, but never in mine. I hated you and your hypocricy. Everytime I looked in the mirror it was you staring back and it hurts to think that you care. It's easier to shut you out than suffer another dissapointment. Emotion was not your enemy. Stone man. etching away at the marble caste around you. It's easier to give up, so i did. I'm on my own now. I have to let go of your cold hand and never know you. I'll tell vikki, emily and amanda, you say hi. 

Goodbye stone man.





This poem is about: 
My family


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