Dear S

"Dear S,

This is what happens when I make plans.

My other plans derail.

Remember when I kept saying "December 18th, 2016"? Well, that's when I was supposed to tell you this.

Remember last night when you asked me who I liked and why and you started guessing?

Well, this letter will put those questions to rest.

The guesses that you made are really good, but I wasn't lying when you asked again if it's a person that you know.

You definitely know this person.


S, I like you


I don't know what it is about you, S. I never really knew how to tell this either, I didn't even know if I was gonna tell you this.

Maybe it's just me being weird and stuff,


Or maybe it's just me being a coward.


It's funny right? The dumbest boy in the M****************, head over heals for the valedictorian


So yeah. Um, I'll text you later. Or not, I guess.





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