Dear Ryan

Dear Ryan, 

Why am I writing to someone dead?

The farthest it'll go is the Stone;

The last remnants I have of you - except your Jacket, of course;

I sleep with it, but it no longer smells of you -


Dear Ryan, 

We don't understand; I know it wasn't her,

So why did you chose the barrel at the end of your gun instead of

Your friends - Still here, even though

You're gone


Ryan, wake up!

You were my brother before my brother -

Please, just come back!

Oh, God - Ryan, please--


It feels like a dream, but dreams lack Pain -

A pain I feel each night that reminds me

No, I'm not asleep - this is real -

He's not here anymore--


Dear Ryan,

Do you still watch us grieve, watch us cry -

Pain still weighing on our hearts,

Still tearing at our souls - 

Do you see?


Dear Ryan,

Please get back to me -

I'd love to hear from you again,

See you again -

We love you.

This poem is about: 
My family



This is about the loss of my cousin to suicide that did and still does deeply affect me. I intentionally didn't use any periods until the very last sentence, and I intentionally made certain lines longer or shorter. 

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