Dear Past and Present,

Dear Past and Present,


     I write this letter in hopes that you will never write me one.


     You braided my hair when I was in the seventh grade.

     You tied it off with tape and I left it in all day.

     That was the only time I'd ever felt special like that.


     When we met you made me feel like I was important.

     When I watched you being brave, I felt like I could stand up too.

     I felt as if the world was beautiful in my mind too.

     It wasn't yet. 

     But when I was around you, I could pretend like we had lead the same life.

     I could feel for a moment how it would be to wake up in a world like yours.


     I asked you one day to teach me how to live like you.

     From then on,

     We both lived like you.


     You created my past.

     Everything I am is made up of you,

     But when you didn't know you needed help

     I tried to help you but I was keeping a secret.

     He was bad for you.

     I knew and you didn't.


     It worked out.

     You got married.

     You were happy.


     But that was the past.


     In the present, I recieve a message from you.

     My phone vibrated at 3:45AM.

     I almost didn't read it.

     But when I did you said you needed a friend.


     He had left you like I knew he would,

     And it had hurt you like I knew it would.

     You texted me because your life depended on it;

     I texted you back because mine did too.


     So at 3:50AM you are my past and my present

     And at 4:00AM I'm desperately begging you to be my future.


     I write this letter in hopes that you will never write me one.



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