Dear Past

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                                                 Dear Past

Dear Past been through

so much I thought it

would never last.


Six years old seen

My momma got abused

That shit hurt me so much

it couldn't even make the news.


On September  ,30th 2002

At age four had first surgery.

I was going through so much

it was driving me crazy


In and out the hospital

It was so hard I had a tumor in my

right jaw.


Thansks Dr. K who save my life

And '08 my mom and dad got divorced that's

When shit fell apart moving from house to house

Sleeping on he floor.

You wake up one morning hearing shots through

he door. At fifthteen me and mom's got put out we

Had to go stay with my sister and a one Bedroom apartment


At seveteen had my second surgery I had laser

surgery inside my throat I could barely talk. Or

can't even eat sometimes it felt like I could barely

walk  it was nights were I cried Myself to sleep.


I remember momma had to get them food stamps

six-hundreda month she was trying help me

pack a good school lunch.


On August 30th, 2016 I went to the hospital again

That's when I was fighting for my eyesight again.

Before I went to th surgery room A couple days before

I woke one morning blood was dripping down from

my eye.


On the First day of my senior year in

high school I had to wear a eyeshield and eyepatch over

my right eye.


Armani Jones poem.

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