Dear Parkland Kids

Ever since Parkland.

12 months ago, 1,200 kids, 1,200 stories.

One thousand two hundred children shot.

A white sheet covered over their heads.

Ever since parkland

death continues.

Mourning with one thousand two hundred stories.

Jaraius was 13, Leslie was 14 and Zoe was 8

Ever since parkland.

She was 8 when her mother's boyfriend murdered her, her brother, mother, and grandmother

She just missed her cancer taken father.

Ever since Parkland.

He was 13, just talking when multiple bullets engraved his body.

Ever since parkland

She was 14 and number 13.

Shot in her home and pronounced dead.

Ever since Parkland.

Over 300 siblings.

Ever since Parkland.

More than 80 infants and toddlers.

Ever since Parkland.

40+ talented Artist, I'm sorry but that drawing was your last.

Ever since Parkland.

He was a jokester, but no one laughed when he was shot and killed at a house party.

His girlfriend sat in the passenger and their infant son sat in the back, both were 18 when they were shot in their car during a drive-by.

Ever since Parkland, we lost more than 60 young parents.

September 20th, you know, after Parkland, a 5-year-old was shot by his father.

More than 300 athletes.

More than 80 musicians.

To the seniors.

More than 40 college-bound seniors.

I apologize to Brandon and Nequacia that you never turned 19.

Ever since Parkland.

I'm so sorry for Parkland.

40 two-year-olds never learned their alphabet but learned how a bullet felt.


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