Dear older Sister

Mon, 10/06/2014 - 20:00 -- poet14

Dear Older blood ,

When I think of my sister
I think of Dragon blood & twisted bowls that sit on shelves
And bed sheets tied on door knobs to find comfort in her self
I think of dyed hair filled with light fear and highlights of regrets and shot trust
& of walking at 4am at the beach just because
Infinity signs wrapped in tomorrow's kisses and last nights drama
" Had a bad day , 15 kids , car & bf  " - gotta go talk to momma
She is Full of life yet  underneath a veil that really hard to see in and through
Because words quiver that might shatter like midnight " I love yous "
My older blood reminds me of Marilyn Monroe and bedroom wall posters
Older Sister , smoker , thrill seeker hand holder
Got  Beautiful heart still frigid  - shes afraid of the sharks but already out in the ocean ,
Gets a heart break , head ache , when there too much commotion
She Tries to breath at all the right moments & finds weeds in a garden never compares them to roses
And remember bible verses & stories comparing life To Moses
I sit outside & pray for inspiration when she not even around
Maybe gods been talking to me , saying dont miss out on UR blood
Life comes to fast,  ! slow down dont pull the plug
There she is , there's she goes and you really hope she knows
What you think about her , quick let this rhyme hit
Spit it & make it stick
Dear Kat , ill say this quick
 your beautiful I really hope u see what the hell you mean to me
Think about you constantly
,  I always take your advice so just Ytry to take this
Breathe , close your eyes , walk, kiss & miss wish pray
Tomorrow wont always come so If I die with the night
I want you to know I love you & things will always be alright


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