Dear Old Friend

You’re stuck in my mind,

Your old laugh,

Your smile

Things I can’t leave behind

It’s impossible to say I’m happy

cuz all my happy memories are stuck with you

I want to help you but you won’t even speak to me!

I hope you’re happy!

I hope you’re happy…

I see you with that slut.

Guess what?

I Don’t Care

It’s your life.

Not mine.

You’re heart ain’t mine.

It doesn’t matter if she shreds your heart like you did with mine.


I’m sure you cried the night she left you…

I did when you left me too...


Now you have friends that won’t last

I understand why you got rid of me…

All I did was remind you of the past

I never really wanted you to be my BoyFriend

I wanted you to be my Best Friend

But now our friendship has come to an end.

I’m sorry…

I’m sorry…

All those things I said... I wish I never said them.

I never meant it when I said I liked you,

I just wanted you to know I I had your back too

Now it’s too late,

We’ve both moved on

Yet this regret in my heart,

It keeps tearing me apart

I hope you make your momma proud

I hope any memories of me are pushed away

I hope you find someone who will stay.


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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