Dear Myself in Fifteen Years

I see myself through your eyes

Hoping one day I can be like you

Without the low self-esteem and

Without the need to hate myself

Every time I look myself in the eye

When I see my reflection in the mirror.


I see myself becoming a woman

Hoping that when you look back

You can be happy of my achievements

And the woman I have become

Instead of regretting the road less taken

To become who I will be in time


I see myself becoming like you,

Confident in being myself

And knowing the difference between

Being myself and

Being bogus like those around me

And I want to thank you

For being you and not giving up on us.


I see myself apologizing to you

For the mistakes made in the past

But I will not apologize

For the memories that were made

And the fact that I am becoming

A woman that you should be happy of.


I see myself growing up

And becoming a person that

One day will make you proud in the future.

I may not see some of the things today

But until then I look forward to tomorrow

By taking one baby step at a time.



Your nineteen-year-old self

Nathalie Valdez

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