Dear, My First Love On Earth

Dear Lover I am writing this, 

Because I love you.

There isn't a reason why I love you

Although I love the way your smile puts a smile on my face

If it didn't, I would still love you the same.

Because I love you 

I sacrificed a lot for you, no longer concerned about my own personal gains, anything

and almost everything I did revolved around you.

If the color of this shirt would make you happy,

If making your favorite chicken Alfredo would keep you pleased.

If I had to play the role of housewife and iron your clothes before every game,

I did it because well, I love you.


Because I love you,

I was blinded, this portrayal of happiness I made you my throne without truly

acknowledging who was on top of it.

Because I love you,

Days without you were like Poo without honey, you were the reason I went woohoo

and when I was without you I was like Eeyore, really depressing.

Because I love you,

Our hearts began to beat like synchronized drums playing the melody of classic

R&B love songs.

We made our own song, and it was beautiful.

You always pinned me for being corny, and if I coined our song a name it would be

"Because I love you" , and I know you so well I already see your eyebrow raising up,

and your beautiful eyes rolling and saying, you're corny "B.".


Because I love you, I acted ignorant,

When you took me out to the movies, as if I didn't see you staring at the girls passing

by, you weren't shy to show your lingering eyes. 

Because I loved you, I didn't keep tabs, I didn't feel threatened when you liked other

girls photos or made jokes about messing around with someone else. 

Because I loved you, I was okay with you staying out late and I didn't dare disrespect

your name when other men considered me.

Because I loved you, I stayed loyal and faithful like it was a career, but I guess loyalty

is something that you don't really find in 2017.

Because I loved you, I pinned that we were like Poetic Justice, 

and love and basketball because even if we fell apart the universe would bring us 

back again, one day, one day, one day.


Because I loved you, I'm writing about you now nearly a year later.

If my heart was the sun, you were a solar flare I couldn't get rid of, no matter how

many new rotations and restorations the reminder of  you was always there, like

the scar on my arm you never went away.

Because I loved you, I am okay with never forgetting you.



   Your Dearest Samantha June.


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Love this, especially the last stanza. Very relatable. 

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