Dear Mr.Donner

Fri, 12/08/2017 - 22:44 -- Tajae

Dear Mr.Donner

On Father's day a couple years past

I didn't have anymore tears

left for you

this of course

wasn't the case during my younger days

which you already


I guess you don't know.

you don't know how on your birthday

I would sit in my closet,doors closed and sing my heart out.

I would bake you a cake and blow out the candles

using your wish

begging God to bring us together,.

and now I wonder,

why you can request to play Games rather than

face facts


I wasn't wanted, but still I was

covered by blood and you bailed

Leaving a much bigger man to

clean up the mess that openly

poured out  of the hole you left in

my chest .

so what now,

a stalemate ?

Are we frozen in this uncomfortable silence ?


for years I have heard nothing from you.

not a letter with a word, nor a call with a voice


we have never had a personal relationship

and I’m the only one who seems to see the problem.


you like a black hole sucking the

joy that could have been my eternity

you like a cracked mirror

distorting my forever image

you a bad dream awakened to reality


you just can't seem to see me.

right in your face,

I am

no longer swaddled by the arms of a protector who did not protect

Hear me

My voice now can  change in an

octave only adults can perceive.

why don't we grow together?

you father of mine.

I have craved to one day  have my

face to face with the Donner.

not to spit on his

but to announce my right’s

I've made it!

without you I  have become


see chances come and go and

our time is limited with small spaces in between,

And now as I pour out my soul on

paper I wonder what you will


But know the consequences to

face are directed by a one way sign

and it would really suck to never have truly had me in your life.

I said it would really suck to never have truly had me in your life.


This poem is about: 
My family


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