Dear Mr. President

Mon, 04/21/2014 - 18:42 -- faith01


Dear Mr. President,

America is supposed to be the land of opportunity,

yet we shuffle families back to their home lands and

barricade dreamers from coming to this ground with a wall

like chains on the legs of prisoners,

dreams deferred; locked behind a cell of gate

Dear Mr. President,

1 in 2 Latina girls will be pregnant by 20.

Did you know you spend 9 billion dollars a year on pregnancy,

yet undocumented citizens can’t have insurance:

what if your daughters were shoved to the side because

they’re just a statistic;

because they don’t have ink

on paper to claim citizen,

yet recite the pledge of allegiance

every morning.

How many times do you recite this sacred oath?

what if they came to escape drug cartels and sex trafficking;

yet you traffic them back to where they came from

like giving back the gift of life.

Dear Mr. President,

How does it feel to have the power to do so much good,

yet use it for so much bad?

These humans have no memories

 of their prior countries

like being baptized

they’re reborn Americans;

don’t you see we’re all the same,

the only thing separating us is a jagged line,

You spend so much time wasting

away on wars with unprivileged nations,

yet your people are waging wars with themselves;

we murder each other like it’s a game;

to the point where children

can no longer play hide and seek

without getting snatched

and you snatch back children

who’ve lived in America since

months marked their birth.

Mr. President send your troops to protect

the wars within us all;

stealing might just be the worst of sins,

we steal truths to feel less oppressed,

so we say things like

“Those foreigners are collecting our jobs like loose change”

when really Americans are stealing their chances of being free

but the stars never shine bright enough for them to see

that exit slips are your way of free.

And my ancestors

crossed at Elis Island

only they never played red rover with your system

they were immediately industrialized.

Dear Mr. President you evacuated 1.9 million

undocumented immigrants since your reign,

360 thousand in 2013 alone,

yet you talked to them with hope,

you encouraged them to apply for Obamacare,

that their identities would remain private;

but who are you kidding,

no child left behind

turned into

no undocumented left here.

Yet Mark 12:31 says to love

your neighbor as yourself

 Mr. President,

Mr. President,



if Jesus came to the United States

would you ask him for his papers?

When Jesus comes to the United States

he’ll be holding a sign that says

“None of my children are illegal.”

they’re merely suffocating

in self-righteousness,

and you’re the leader.

they want white picket fences,

to keep out drug menaces,

green paper to feed children,

and medicine for broken souls.

Dear Mr. President,

why can’t you rescue

all Americans,

even the ones who

escaped dictators,

to embrace your privilege.

Mr. President,

do you remember when you

were the minority,

did anyone ever ask

to see your papers?






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