Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President,

November 9, 2016

This day will live in infamy,

It is too bad you built a campaign on bigotry.

People are surprised, like somehow they were tricked

But surely they knew your character had been stripped

You painted on the colors of your party

You won the vote because a better option was tardy.


You may call me a dreamer but I wish I was comatose,

Yet you are building dream catcher that makes America so morose.

You claim you want to make America Great again,

But all you ever do is offend then defend again.

We are all lost hearing of your besieged,

And maybe now it's time you get impeached.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country





Hell Yeah!!!




this is pretty good i agree with you on mostly everything he has wronged us and doesnt know how to take care of us as the people i wish our government wasnt so drivin but dumb people i wish our government would stop being greedy and cruel. you have inspired my poetry i thank you for that i hope you continue writing and speaking your mind about our government im looking foward to what else you have to say about the government and politics


amen to that.


woah. I can feel the anger there.... thats a very strong poem!


woah. I can feel the anger there.... thats a very strong poem!


1100 reads, great job!




When Donald Trump's stops WW3
But you never look to the bright side of things,
He's our president after all
We need to respect him
After all
We choose to elect him.
There's no reason for impeachment
Have you no common sense,
Hillary is Obama all over again
Just a couple more trillion dollars in debt.
But that's nothing right?
Cause you've planned ahead.
Let Hillary lead
And we'd all be dead
Russia would hate us
China would too,
They'd join together
Like one big F.U
Then we can kiss our flag goodbye,
No more red white and blue
- He may not be the best president but he definitely wasn't the worst option choose to not like him, hell I don't either, he's a terrible person but at the end if the day,
I still want to be able to live in the


Wow! That’s a great poem response. I appreciate criticism the same as anyone. I hope that you didn’t just write that for me. I wrote this for a scholarship about politics so I think that I accomplished what I set out for in writing this. I know that it is hard to express sincerity on paper but I truly mean it when I say that the freedom of speech is what unites us as Americans. We all have the write to express our opinions and beliefs and that should mean without reprocussions from others in society or the government. I know that it has become a strain on society today to shun things that make us uncomfortable and “shout down” people, but I think it takes a stronger person to engage in dialogue and address their issues. It’s a pity that the world has come to a place where poetry, an art form, can’t be edgy and critical. 






Get over yourself

You sound like a baby

So you don't like the president!

You're not the first

And you won't be the last

So stop going crazy

Dry your tears

And move on.

Because honestly,

What the hell has he done

To you

Or me

That strikes you as fascism

Or bigotry

Tell me one thing

That makes him so wicked and evil

Name one offense

That's truly impeachable.


I thought so.

And the good?

More jobs to the people

More money in America's purse

Israel gets recognition

(a real first)

A president whom other nations respect

A president who gets things done

A president who isn't perfect

But then again...

Is anyone?

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