Dear Mr. President

Four score and seven years ago,

Our Fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation

Eight years into the twenty-first century

Our nation chose not just to be Caucasian

The US established history in the inauguration

Sending you into your honeymoon with magniloquent celebration


You have fought to bring change to America

Through constant support for those in need

Bringing affordable healthcare and affirmative action

Whether it brought you onto one knee

To Syria you declared, "No war on thee"

While animating the nation through Baracketology and Sunny


The presidency isn't all love and applause

The batteries were changed from AAA to AA

People wonder; are you from Hawaii, Africa, or Iran?

But maybe a healthcare website will give six people an answer to that claim

The war in Iraq left many marks of tread

With constant visions of stress dancing in your head


Many encounters leave your car at a T

Giving you only the option to turn left or right

You aren't the only one with gridlock, filibusters, and log-rolling

A government shutdown occured in the past, hosting a great fight

Whether donkey, elephant, RINO, or cat,

The President is someone I will support and that is that


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