Dear Mommy

Dear Mommy,

I don’t know why

Daddy yelled at you today

Or why he threw those things

But I was scared for you

I covered my eyes

And your smile made me forget

just a moment later.


Dear Mommy,

I don’t know why

Daddy made you leave today

Or who that strange man was

But I was scared because

He smelled like smoke

And he seemed a little too nice

But you liked him

So I did, too.


Dear Mommy,

I don’t know why

Daddy looked at you that way

Or why his new girlfriend

Told me I should be mad

I didn’t really listen because

Your hugs were still the same

So I forgot.


Dear Mommy,

I don’t know why

Daddy looked so mad today

Or why he told me

I couldn’t see you again

He didn’t say why

I didn’t want to ask

But I missed you.


Dear Mom,

Now I know why

Dad shouted those angry things

And why they kept you away

I don’t know why you

chose a blunt over me

It makes me wish

I had been mad.


Dear Mommy,

I still don’t know why

Daddy held a grudge so long

And said you never cared

Because you cried for me

And I cried for you

Because I finally understood

the way things

could keep dragging you back

on your knees

day after shattered day.


So we can grow up together, Mommy.

With popsicles sticks on park benches

And talk about how

some stars seem to shine
brighter than others.


This poem is about: 
My family


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