Dear Mom

Out of the womb and here I bloom,

Mom I know this hard, but college is here.

I want to go out of state, don’t think I’m trying to disappear.

You’ve been my rock since day one.


However, my journey has only just begun,

You wish you could turn back time and do it the right way.

While we struggle, you made me feel like everything would be okay!

Even though I knew you were is dismay.


Mom, I may not say it everyday

But I love and care for you.

Though I may leave, 

I need to say something that’s long overdue.


You said not to end up like you, so I’m not.

I understand that college is not an easy process.

I’m in progress, doing contests, preparing for that conquest!

I may go east, west, or stay in the nest

I sense something great, let me invest

But I’ll still be forever blessed.


I started working because I knew you didn’t Have the funds to get me everything I needed.

Once I’m out of college and have a career,

That’s how you know I have succeeded.


Mom I want this for the college of my dreams

That I could scream!

My passion for business increases

My past decreases, my future is placing the pieces.


Mom you deserve better, 

As it shows in this letter. 


This poem is about: 
My family
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