Dear Mom

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Dear Mom,

Eighteen years of hurt, pain, and dictation
Tears I have shed in front of you.
And tears I have shed in silence,
Yet no one notices the hell I go through,
because I keep on smiling

The tears I had shed because of you, they shouldn't have fell
because you weren't worth the tears that made my eyes swell.
You always said I was defiant, and I was a bad child
Yet you have other children that like run wild.

You tell me that you cant stand me, and I make you sick
You say that you could have just not had me
Well that's nice to tell to your daughter, isn't it.

I'm not the one that got you pregnant, you can blame that on you and my dad.
It takes two to tango, to salsa, and all of that jazz,
So don't blame me for your "mistakes"
You knew what you were getting into,
when you pushed me out that day at the Beaumont hospital.

Just because you didn't physically abuse me, and left bruises down my back
doesn't mean that strikes you out the category because the way of your attack
You verbally diminished me, and psychologically broke me
Belittling me in the most notorious ways
had led to many mental breakdowns, and depression issues still to this day

And no one ever notices the hell I go through
because I keep smiling
but the next time that I cry because of you
will not because you being a fire breathing dragon
it will because I will miss you
when you're no longer on your deathbed, and dying

And I am not saying I want you to die soon,
but I want you to find peace and tranquility
in yourself as well as others
because the hell you have and will raise you will pay for
whether in heaven or in hell, you choose
I just want you to know I will be praying for you,
and I love you.

Sincerely, your Daughter



MVP-Most Valuable Poet

i can feel the words as you wrote it

i can relate in terms of not having a relationship with my mother-i know that feeling

what is amazing is that you still love her and forgive her despite what she has done

-alot of people have difficulties moving on because they still hold on to that rage

your poem expresses your feelings and reflections honestly, as well as sincerely

very powerful poem-great job and keep writing






I definitely can relate to this.. Somehow my mother has always managed to believe her man over me:) glad you know forgiveness will set you free, took me the longest to figure that out!


Your emotions resonate with each of your words. Keep smiling, you'd be surprised the strength it can give you. And no person is worth stealing that moment away where you could have been smiling. "Je ne te dis pas que ce sera facile, je te dis que ca en vaudra la peine".


Be strong.

A mother's instinct is to love her children.

There cannot be no sign of this.

And keep smiling.

Give the smile a reason

And it changes you for the better.

Sometimes we should be smiling

But we feel like crying.

The strongest ones will smile anyway,

Wider and wider as the tears evaporate.

You are innocent, talented.

Write. Smile, my friend. Dream.


Amazing :')


I Feel Your Pain And Understand

Its Better To Forgive Her So You Kan Move On From What She Caused




Wow, Beautiful, thats all i can say.



Wow...this is really good!


Bobby Pyne

Very profound I love it


Beautifully written! I love the contrast of the years of pain inflicted and the peace of forgiveness at the end! 


I was looking for poems to read to my mother and when I read this I had to say Sorry mom because she cried


Went through alot of the same things. Really special to put your pain out there for the world to see. Must have been hard to write. That was really brave of you. God. Bless you and ur mom.


Wow! I get pretty depressed because my mom and I would get into an argument, we say things that are honestly hurtful. I'm eighteen, and about to graduate. I'm stressed and she's stressed. I constantly think that I'll never be good enough for her. Its all starting to feel like its true. What you wrote, is very relatable. Thank you it was a very good poem.


This is so powerful. Wow, wow, wow...

Sharell Loomis

This is amazing :')

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