Dear Military Man

Dear Military Man,

Handsome and strong.

Your life is an adventure, on which I get to tag along,

No it isn't easy and yes it hurts,

Giving you up for the good of the county's worth.

You are treated as a machine and I see it I do...

But I promise you military man, I am always here to support you.

I know that you are tired, I know that you are worn,

But be proud of the title that you have now borne.

My Marine my Marine, that's who you are to me,

You're handsome and strong and in your arms I wish I could be.

I understand you have duty, and an honorable one not to mention,

One that eases, as well as causes tension.

It is not easy to be you, but you carry the burden with grace,

And I promise military man, that no one could ever take your place.

You put yourself in harms way so that we can be free,

And that the biggest price to pay, at least to me.

Oh military man, who knew it would be so hard to let you go

Knowing that it will be a couple months or so,

Before I can see you again and hold you close in my arms,

But as for now military man, I will hold you in my heart.

So sincerely with all my love, affection and care,

I promise my Marine, I will always be there.

Love, Sammy





























This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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