Dear Me of the Past

Are you happy now?

Are your days still blue

and your nights still bright?


Do you still think long and hard

about what life would be like,

if you were no longer alive?


Do you still keep them hidden,

the thoughts that keep you awake at night?

And are the pills still working all right?


Are you still numb

or can you finally cry?

Have you figured out why?


It's been two years,

so are you happy now?

Have you faced your fears?


Did you learn how to smile?

Do you know how to love?

Do you laugh once in a while?


You see,

in two years, you'll be able to say

that i'm happy now.


You will learn how to smile,

oh and love as well,

and you'll laugh more than just once in a while.


Your days will be full of color

and your nights full of dreams.

Your life will finally be serene.


No more

I can't wait for tomorrow

and just a few more hours.


It hurts,

it takes time to heal.

But it's no big deal.


Because in two years,

you'll finally be happy.

Sincerely, the happy me.


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