Dear Mark

I used to resent you

You had everything I thought I had

only to have it ripped away

I used to imagine being you

in a happy family who smiled and laughed

who praised God not in the hope for better things that would not come

but because of what you had

You seemed so happy all the time

proud of who you were and where you came from

And I

I was dieing on the inside struggling to breath through a crack in the wall

You were just so happy and free

And I wanted to ruin that for you


But then I got to know you

and I couldn’t hate you anymore

You’re not the type to be resented

but I’m the type to resent

Try as I might I couldn’t do it

You were just so happy and free

Who was I to ruin that for you?


You’re like a little brother to everyone you know

You’re annoying and tone deaf

And half the time I want to punch you in the teeth

But I can’t hate you

You’re just so happy and free

And I won’t be the one to ruin that for you.

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