Dear Lover,

Dear lover,

Why are you afraid of me?

This would mean you’d be afraid of

The girl who cries at night, the girl

Who cries because she doesn’t know the future.


She doesn’t know how long this relationship is lasting,

Nor does she know how to prove she loves you.

She’s good with words but only with ink and frankly,

Sometimes it seems you can’t read it.

And she’s afraid.


You’d be afraid of the girl who’s afraid of always messing up,

Just like she did with her last ones and with her mother - yes it’s

That mother who she sees once a month, because if she saw,

She would see her mother and the sadness in her eyes because she failed.


This girl you’re afraid of,

She’s just afraid whether it's love or life or happiness.

She can’t show much of her emotions without action or words.

She’s afraid of the truth and trust and life she lives.


You came into her life like a flashlight in a dark room.

You weren’t the brightest and didn’t light up the entire house but

For her, you had lit the room of her, and for that she wanted to kiss you.

She wanted to keep you for herself and be selfish - she couldn’t

Do that, not to the person who made her feel like a princess.

She’s afraid you’ll just leave.


She couldn’t because you would sulk unlike ever before so she

Kept you, but she knew that she would only love you and only you for quite some time.

She didn’t want to leave you at the end of the day - therefore she was afraid.

Sincerely, the girl who is afraid.


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