Dear Lover,

You walked away when I finally let my guard down. 

My mouth didn't make any sound. 

I didn't make a plea, I didn't beg. 

I was furious and I felt not a bit of blood running threw my legs. 

I didn't budge. Maybe, if I had budge, you would have stayed with me.

As I thought it would be but the further you went into the forrest, 

the more I understood that deep inside your heart you didn't see me. 

Her eyes, her hair, her lips didn't fade in your mind. And, the scars in your heart 

just wouldn't bind. She was gone and you felt lost even with me by your side. 

So forgive me, but my heart is as nearly broken as yours so it is my choice to hide. 

This time I won't run to your side and wish the love I radiate to you would be somewhat of a cure. 

So when you return understand that what's common between us, 

is our heartache. So goodbye because a pain this strong

I can not bare and in your eyes I can not merely wait and stare.

My actions are not meant to hurt but as 

I watch your reaction to her name is like watching an animal you can not tame. 

And maybe,

if I had had a person who I cared for as much as I care for you then I would have understood. 

So when you return, I will no longer be here.

I acutlally hope you don't forgive me. 




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