Dear Love Of My Life,

Dear love of my life,


You are my girlfriend

And I am your man.

It’s been a year, full

Of love and no regrets.

With love, comes pain.

No, it’s not jealousy

But it is very hard

For me, as I sit back

And watch.


Flirtatious, you are

But without a care

In the world, you

Continue to talk

To all of the guys,

All of them, but me.

Yet, I sit here and

Suffer, for your sake

Until you come back.


The tears begin to

Outnumber the days

For which we found love.

Relentless I am

To not leave your side,

For I am yours and

You are my girlfriend.

I am selfless and

You are very selfish.


When the sun rises

And until it sets,

I will remain yours.

My pain for you is

A sacrifice that

I am willing to

Risk, for I am your

Man, for forevermore

With every last breath.





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