Dear lost love and empty nights,

3:50 AM

I wish i knew how you really felt.

Are you here because you choose to be here, or because you felt that you had to be? 


I wish you knew just how hard i've tried.

I'm sorry that i didn't show it well, but i promise you i tried to. Sometimes though, i feel as if i showed it perfectly, and you just chose not to see it. 


I wish you still believed in us.

I know you don't want to be here anymore and that you no longer see a future with me in it, so i don't know why you're still here. I feel like a 'goodbye' would hurt less than empty 'i love yous'.


I wish you had listened to me a long time ago.

I told you a while ago that i felt like i wasn't doing any good by you, i don't know why you lied and said i was wrong then, just to turn around say i was right, now.


I know you don't feel the same anymore. 

but I don't know why you're still here. It's only hurting us both when you pretend that you still love me. I wish you would just say it, i promise you it would hurt less. I just want you to be honest, 

                  do you still want this? 


       4:01 AM



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