Dear Little Brother

Dear Little Brother

When you were born I cried

I told mom she’d love you more than me

I was right

But I loved you more to

Dear little brother

When you were three I didn’t want you around

Talking, chattering on

But the stories you would tell

Always made me smile

Dear Little brother

When you were five you went to school

 You made new friends

And secretly I thought you’d forgotten about me

But when you’d still sit and talk to me for hours

I realized I was being silly

Dear Little brother

We moved when you were eight

I was almost in high school and cried

But you made me laugh all the same

And together we got through it

Helping each other like we always had

Dear little brother

When you were eleven you started getting in fights with friends

You acted tough at times and pushed me away

But when all was said and done

You had all your real friends with you

You no longer needed me

Dear little brother

You’re now thirteen and I’ve just left for college

I just wrote this to say I love you

And to tell you that I’m proud

You are strong, you are smart, but don’t forget I’m here

Love with all my heart

Big sister


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