Dear god above

Mon, 02/05/2018 - 18:41 -- danip23

Dear god above, 

have you forgot me, 

your daughter, 

your angel..

Why did you leave me to wonder and wallow in despare. 

Does my life not matter to you, 

Was my soul not important to you? 

Why did you not answer my prayers all those years? 

Why did you let my older brother and other men rape me all those years? 

year after year, you acted like you didn't see my river of tears.. 

I thought my body was a temple, why did you allow it to be turned into a puching bag, 

a game for mens pleasures. 

When will I get pleasure, when will I not grieve in pain for my lost childhood. 

Dear god above, when will you answer me?

Must I contiue to lay here and take it, 

for if I shall, 

I promise you.. 

I will give up. 


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