Dear God


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All throughout my life I couldn't understand why you do the things you do,

and why you take so many loved ones away from each other.

Also, when we're in trouble and you're not there to help us.

Why don't you save the ones who need it?


You made mankind and you can destroy it.

If so, you can help it, heal it, save it, and teach it.

So why aren't you answering my prayers?

Why aren't you helping me up when I'm down?


Why aren't you healing me when I'm going to die from a disease?

Why haven't you saved me from danger?

Why didn't you hold my hand and walk with me throughout life as my father?

Why didn't you teach me that if you fall to get back up again?


So why haven't you taught me that when you take my family member,

my friend, or my lover away that it would hurt so much?

All throughout my life I have had four things to say to you,

but you never answered me back or

maybe you were too ashamed to listen to me.

I have been angry at you for half my life,

thankful for you for the other half;

then going to not understanding why you do these things that you do,

and then forgiving you for what you have wronged me of.

What kind of relationship is this?


Why, why haven't you looked at me since the day you

left me on this Earth to feel pain and misery?

Why father, why?

Either way I look at it I know you're up there,

because I have anger, love, misunderstanding, and forgiveness towards you.

So you must be real, because it can't be possible to have so much

feeling towards someone who's made up; I just wish you had known that.

Some days I wish you would just pick up the phone.

Then some days I wished I never met you.

Then again I wonder if you'll ever get to read this.



Mafi Grey

The day that i wrote this, was the day i became an atheist

Mafi Grey

Please comment as much as you can. It motivates me to write, when i have an audience behind me. Thanks

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