Dear Future Lover

I found his wicked smile so alluring

Black and blue dreaming 

Victim of pure deceit

But your love's pristine

Divine empowering


I missed you

Your touch and embrace

Your sweet aroma and tangy taste


Caress my body, undress my mind

Penetrate my Soul

Devour my deepest desires


Seduce me to eat the lotus

Put me in a blissful trance

To forget my past, forget time's beckoning dance


Illuminate our universes within

Elevate me, Take me to a higher place

Vibe with me.. Value me


Let me indulge in love's poisin 

Let me love you like the love I never received

Let me taste your savory flavor

Feel your exhilarating essence

Let me create your fantasies


Mystical beings connected for an eternity

Liberated from wordly illusions

Sculpted to be perfectly intertwined

Simply serendipity


Look into my eyes for an infinite time

See past the veil and into my soul

Thank-you for finding your way home...



This poem is about: 
My family


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