Dear Ferguson

Dear Ferguson,

You should’ve never happened.

To others, you came as a surprise.

To some, you were a consequence.

But to those that dwelled in the cracks of

City sidewalks –

Within the brick and mortar

Of the Midwest –

You were just another gunshot to our

Target practice hearts.

See, this has been happening forever.

You weren’t all that different.

You only showed the split in this country

For the canyon that it really is.

You showed us whom we could

Or couldn’t trust.

Don’t trust those

That treat cops like gods.

They’ll echo off these canyon walls that

If you piss one off, it’s only just

That you’re subject to his wrath.

Remember that Ares,

The supposed god of war,

Hid his cowardice in

His outrage –

Hid it in his spear,

Taking out his fears

On the innocent.


You are still

Ricocheting off these canyon walls.

You are still

Wedged in our

Target practice hearts.

Dear Mike Brown,

Dear Eric Garner,

Dear Tamir Rice,

Dear Freddie Gray,

Dear Sandra Bland,

Dear Philando Castile,

Dear Alton Sterling,

Dear Walter Scott.

Dear Ferguson,

You send chills down my spine

That I hope never go away

So I can show the world

What fear is.


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