Dear Father,


I wrote a letter to youfather!

It took me 17 years,

to express all the hate for you,

to makeyou shed all the tears.

I tried to be as hurtful as i could!

I even used a dictionary,

and a thesaurus too!

to make sure i used evey word that

relates to coward

and made sure he would feel my pain

 I wanted to hurt you!!!!


but the more i wrote

the more i let go.


The more I wrote the better i felt,

the more I wrote


I became...


That while every other girl

had thier daddy protecting them.

I was in this world

fighting it alone.

So when trouble came,

because we had met,

some many times before

troubled called me by my name.

And i called back

and troubled braced itself.

cause you made me strong enough

to attack!

I wrote a letter to you father

and it brought a tear to my eye.

To know what blessing

you were....

in disguise.


That you were never around.


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