Dear Father

Dear Father,


Thank you for being my father
Because fathers should provide

They should hold your hand and want to dance
And be present in your life

You see, my father exists,
But is only a father and not a friend

"Because I love you," I pay for you to live
I pay for your food, for your car, and I pay for every bill

My father doesn't know me,
But I see him every day

He goes to work, I go to school,
And we come home with nothing to say

He does not know what makes me happy
He does not know what makes me laugh, you see,

He only talks about what he likes,
And never seems to do anything right

"I'm too tired to do anything," is what he will say
"I work and that is enough for me in one day”

I needed a friend to be in my life,
My father was my father, and that I cannot deny

But he never held my hand

And never taught me how to dance
It's all "because I love you," he said

But instead of a father, I prefer a dad


Love, your daughter

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My family
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