Dear Electronic Lovers

Letters and emails
are the new electronic snails
still plaguing our mail
with pieces of unwanted text
what will it be next?

Will we dilute ourselves 
to shabby sappy screen sex?
Reading out of context?

Electronic orgasms 
the ringing of our telephones
the bright messages in the dark rooms
so you don’t have to feel alone

Kiss me on my lips
or at least seal a paper letter with your licks
for love lasts longer 
when it’s stronger
than 22% battery life

I want to love you without a dock
without a four number lock
without a sound system to know you rock

I want to hear you in my ear
with your breath on my neck
not some little white wires
that have made us all good liars

for loving electronically
is all done so simply
four little letters
three little words
two little lovers
one lost liar with opposable thumbs

Don’t text me you love me
don’t tweet me your thoughts
don’t DM me your dick
because that doesn’t get me hot

If you want to know what a woman is
ask me to my face
then maybe I could find a place
without wild wires
where I could meet your desires
and you could see me 
for what I really am.



I love this.  

It's structured beautifully, and it expresses a feeling that so many of us seem to share.  
As much as I like texting, Sometimes I wish it didnt exist so that my bf wouldnt have the excuse to not come by and visit. 

Great work. Cheers. 

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