Dear Drunk Drivers

Sun, 03/29/2015 - 12:16 -- AJay

I'm dressed in luto because she's dead

A dark mantilla adorns my head

I'm clutching flowers and wiping tears

Because I'm living in one of my worst fears

La Calavera Catrina has my niece

And it hurts even though I know she's at peace


On Dia de los Muertos I will cry

And feel her tiny hands wipe my eyes

I'll ask about heaven and she'll ask about life

I'll get to see her smile and her eyes that shone so bright

I'll get to hear the voice she never got to have

I'll get to hold her and make her laugh


To the man that hurt her, I wish him great harm

I hope his ear gets ripped off and stapled to his arm

I sincerely hope one day he feels like me

That one day he has to feel this confused grief

I don't care if I seem harsh and I don't care if I seem mean

He took my niece and will never get sympathy from me


He thought he could drive drunk and hit my brother

He thinks he's fine but he took the life of another

There's nothing more important than sobriety

It's pushed in a lot of societies

So before you think you can drink and dvire

Please be aware the other lives

This poem is about: 
My family


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