Dear Dr. Seuss

She was five and sitting alone in a little blue chair in the corner of her living room

When she opened your book for the first time (the new book smell filled her nostrils) and read

Those famous lines:

"Congratulations! Today is your day. You're off to Great Places! You're off and away!"


At the time, her head was filled with the image of a little girl like her on an adventure of doom!

She was a girl who lead

Millions into battle to fight the dragons and the demons. At the end, she would always reach the gold mine

By May.


It wasn't until years later when she was moving out and found that chair and that book in the attic

(Both covered in dust and smelled like the environment had gotten the best of them if I may add...)

That she realized how much more relevant that book was to her at that moment than it was back then.


She was a college kid with brains in her head,

But she was scared and not quite sure that the feet in her shoes could steer her anywhere like you had said.

One thing that was for sure was that the Bang-ups happened frequently,

But she no longer had a sword and an army to make them disappear easily.


It surprised her how strong she could be.


This wasn't your children's book.

This was real life,

But she didn't wait.

She put up a fight.


She got mixed up but she set those strange birds free.

Now her apprentice looks up to her eagerly.

She has no idea what is in store,

But with every fight comes memories to learn from and an open door.


So thank you, Dr. Seuss for the lesson to be learned,

Because with every battle is an award to be earned.





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